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Executive committee and board


APGS President
APGS Vice President
APGS President-elect & Awards Committee
Secretary General & Congress Chair
Treasurer and IMAGES educational slides Chair
Deputy Secretary General & Newsletter Editor
Immediate Past President and Online Communities Chair - Im
APGS Board member & Industry Liaison Chair
APGG Chair and Special Interest Group Chair - Genetics
APGS Board member
Associate Advisory Board Chair
APGS Board member
APGS Board member & Assistant Chair for Symposia &

Makoto Aihara

Special Interest Group Chair - Normotension glaucoma
Chair for Symposia & courses at other events; APGS Web
APGS Board member
Public Relations Chair
Senior Council Chair
Website Chair
Social Media Chair
Special Interest Group Chair - Angle Closure
Special Interest Group Chair - AI
APGS Board member, Online Communities Chair - Hot Topics
APGS Board member

Kazuhisa Sugiyama

APGS Board member and Special Interest Group Chair - Imagi
APGS Board member; Journal Chair; Online Communities Chair