Do Tan

Do Tan

Associate Advisory Board Chair


Do Tan is a chief of glaucoma department in Vietnam national institute of ophthalmology, He works as sub-specialty consultant (glaucoma) and also general consultant, vitreo-retinal consultant; he is capable of using many kinds of laser: ALT, SLT, Laser peripheral iridotomy, trans-scleral cyclodestruction, Laser iridoplasty…  and at the same time, being a competent surgeon with various types of surgery; experience of about 15,000 phacos, 3,000 trabeculectomies, nearly 1,000 deep sclerectomies, 500 scleral buckling, 2,000 vitrectomies for Malgnant Glaucoma, RD, endophthalmitis, familiar with every kind of phaco machines: from simplest to very modern ones like: Millennium, Infinity, Sovereign, Centurion; vitrectomy machines: Nidek, Accurus, Constellation. 

Being an expert in using the quick-chop technique for hard and very hard cataracts and in doing Endoscopy assisted vitrectomy for malignant glaucoma, intraocular infection, and retinal detachment. In addition, he is also an enthusiastic researcher and is spending a lot of time involved in some regional and international studies such as TVT Asia, QPI 1007, and Genetics in glaucoma. 

He contributed as main author and co-authors in some highly cited publications in the Journal of Glaucoma, Clinical Ophthalmology, JAMA Ophthalmology, and Nature Genetics.