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Angle Closure

Primary angle-closure disease - what are the evidence-based protocols for diagnosis and treatment? Come and join us in this exciting discussion.

Vijaya Lingam

Hot Topics

While the armamentarium in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma increases, more debates about clinical practice patterns emerge. “Hot Topics” aims to spark discussions in the glaucoma community because the more we debate, the clearer the truth becomes

Catherine Liu

Imaging in glaucoma

Imaging in glaucoma becomes more and more important in our clinical practice for the diagnosis and detection of progression which are very essential issues in glaucoma management

Ki Ho Park


Enter the exciting world of MIGS, and participate in interesting conversations on surgical pearls, the management of complications, and cutting-edge research on trabecular bypass and other MIGS devices.

Chelvin Sng

Open Topic

Bring forward your great thoughts and exchange ideas of opportunities available through this community

M. Nazrul Islam


There is an increasing trend in using tube shunts as the first-line surgery for refractory glaucoma. We face challenging situations/complications that will benefit from the insights/techniques of experienced surgeons. 

Paul Chew & Victor Koh


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