Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society
(APGS) - History


The Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society was formed by the joining of the South East Asia Glaucoma Interest Group (SEAGIG), Asia-Oceanic Glaucoma Society (AOGS), and Asian Angle Closure Glaucoma Club (AACGC). The historic agreement was signed at the APAO meeting in Sydney in March 2011.

Negotiations for the merger were led by Paul Healey (SEAGIG Treasurer and AOGS Regional Representative) and conducted over 3 years, culminating in the signing ceremony in Sydney. “Each society has its own unique culture and focus” said Professor Healey. “Bringing them together required finding a path which everyone was happy to follow but also leading to an organisation greater than those it replaces.”

A committee comprising the Presidents and Secretaries of SEAGIG, AOGS, and AACGC developed the aims and structure of the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society over numerous meetings. The committee comprised Prin Rojanapongpun and SK Fang from SEAGIG, Makoto Araie and Catherine Liu from AOGS, and Tetsua Yamamoto and Ki Ho Park from AACGC. A joint SEAGIG/AOGS/AACGC Board then worked through the issues.

As part of the new spirit of cooperation, Taipei hosted the first-ever joint scientific meeting of the three societies in December 2010. This was also the deadline for everyone to agree to proceed with the merger and formation of the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society. A Steering committee chaired by Professor Healey oversaw the final steps in the formation of the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society as a legal entity and registered charity.


Members of the joint board included


  • Manuel Agulto (MA), SEAGIG Immediate Past President, AOGS regional representative, AACGC regional representative
  • Yoshiaki Kitazawa (YK), AOGS Board member, AACGC Advisor
  • Norman Aquino (NA), SEAGIG Board member
  • Ching Lin Ho (CLH), SEAGIG Board member
  • Makoto Araie (MKA), AOGS President, SEAGIG Board Member 
  • Catherine Liu (CL), AOGS Secretary
  • Tin Aung (TA), SEAGIG Board member, AACGC regional representation
  • Hiromu Mishima (HM), AOGS Board member
  • Paul Chew TK (PC), SEAGIG Board member
  • Prin Rojanapongpun (PR), SEAGIG President, AACGC Vice President
  • Clement CY Tham (CT), SEAGIG Vice President, AOGS regional representative, AACGC regional representative 
  • Steve Seah (SS), AOGS Board member
  • Ivan Goldberg (IG), SEAGIG Board Member, AOGS Board member
  • Ramanjit Sihota (RS), SEAGIG Board member, AACGC regional representative
  • Paul Healey (PH), SEAGIG Treasurer, Moderator
  • Ikke Sumantri (IS), SEAGIG Board member
  • Ki Ho Park (KHP), AACGC Secretary, SEAGIG Board member
  • Por T Hung (PTH), AOGS Board member, AACGC Advisor
  • Tsing Hong Wong (THW), AACGC Board member
  • Ravi Thomas (RT), SEAGIG Board member
  • Chul Hong (CH), AACGC Advisor 
  • Goji Tomita (GT), AACGC regional representative
  • Baasankhuu Jamyanjav (BJ), AACGC regional representative
  • Ningli Wang (NW), SEAGIG Board member, AACGC Board member, AOGS regional representative
  • Gong Je Seong (GJS), AOGS Board member
  • Da Wen Lu (DWL), SEAGIG Board member
  • Ge Jian (GJ), AOGS Board member
  • Tetsuya Yamamoto (TY), AACGC President, SEAGIG Board member
  • Seng Kheong Fang (SKF), SEAGIG Secretary, AOGS regional representative, AACGC regional representative
  • Yong Yeon Kim (YYK), AACGC Board member
  • Kwou Yeung Wu (KYW), AACGC Board member