The Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society is proud to offer the educational resource that has emerged from the South East Asia Glaucoma Interest Group’s (SEAGIG) Initiative for Management, Awareness and Glaucoma Education (IMAGE) project. The IMAGE Academy is an online initiative designed as a complete educational resource for glaucoma management.

Through this interactive portal, ophthalmologists across the Asia-Pacific region can access a series of online learning modules based on the Asia Pacific Glaucoma Society’s current Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Guidelines, with input from over 50 leading regional experts from 7 Asian countries.

This comprehensive, clinically focused resource covers the spectrum of glaucoma management – from diagnosis and assessment to treatment options, follow-up and patient-centered outcomes. The learning modules aim to serve as a platform that would help to keep ophthalmologists abreast of the latest developments in the management of glaucoma, as well as support glaucoma education programs by serving as an exhaustive resource of information. All modules are reviewed by the IMAGE Advisory Board.

The APGS-IMAGE project can be accessed here.



Module 1: Glaucoma Assessment

Module 2: Angle Assessment – Part 1: Angle Imaging

Module 2: Angle Assessment – Part 2: Gonioscopy

Module 3: Optic Disc and RNFL Assessment

Module 4: Automated Perimetry

Module 5: IOP Targets

Module 6: Medical Treatment

Module 7: Laser Treatment

Module 8: Surgery-Newer Techniques

Module 9: Monitoring For Progression

Module 10: Patient-centred Management



With gratitude to the members of the SEAGIG-IMAGE Project Working Group: Dr Manuel Agulto, The Philippines; Prof Paul Chew, Singapore; Dr John Chua, The Philippines; Dr Ataya Euswas, Thailand; Dr Seng Kheong Fang, Malaysia; Prof Ivan Goldberg, Australia; Dr Paul Healey, Australia; Dr Edgar Leuenberger, The Philippines; Dr Da-Wen Lu, Taiwan; Dr Vinay Nangia, India; Assoc Prof Chan Kee Park, Korea; Dr Ki Ho Park, Korea; Assoc Prof Julian Rait, Australia; Prof Prin RojanaPongpun, Thailand; Prof Ravi Thomas, India; Dr Lingam Vijaya, India; Dr Ningli Wang, China.

APGS is grateful to Allergan for their sponsorship of this project through an unrestricted educational grant.