APGS membership is open to all glaucoma specialists, ophthalmologists, eye care health professionals, doctors with an interest in glaucoma/ophthalmology, researchers in glaucoma, and any incorporated association wishing to support the objectives of the Society.


Become a member of APGS now! Open to all glaucoma specialists, ophthalmologists, eye care health professionals, doctors, researchers and incorporated associations.


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APGS Membership is available under the following categories on payment of an annual membership fee:

  • Glaucoma Member – any ophthalmologist in active practice who has completed a Glaucoma Fellowship and/or whose work consists of at least 50% glaucoma
  • Ophthalmic Member – any doctor working as an ophthalmologist in the country of residence of that doctor
  • Trainee Member – any medical practitioner participating in an ophthalmic vocational training program
  • Medical Member – any medical practitioner with an interest in glaucoma
  • Research Member – any person who is a vision scientist
  • Associate Member – any person who is an eye care worker who is not a medical practitioner
  • Corporate Member – any incorporated association wishing to support the objects of the Society
  • Honoured Member – any person nominated and elected as such by the Board for his/her contribution to the Society and/or to the preservation of vision in the region represented by the various Members



  • A registration discount to attend the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Congress while your membership remains valid
  • Access to APGS online education platform with recordings of APGS webinar series and surgical videos
  • APGS quarterly newsletter
  • Access to APGS Online Communities to network and advance a specific area of knowledge
  • Free online access to the Journal of Glaucoma
  • Right to participate in the electoral process and the various committees of the APGS
  • Right to participate in the collaborative activities of the APGS with international affiliate societies and ophthalmic communities
  • Exciting and valuable professional networking opportunities
  • Eligibility for awards and recognition


Glaucoma Member AUD$60 
Ophthalmic Member  AUD$50 
Trainee Member  AUD$40 
Medical Member  AUD$20 
Research Member  AUD$20 
Associate Member  AUD$20 
Corporate Member  AUD$250 



APGS accepts payments via PayPal and bank transfer only. To request for the bank transfer details and invoice, please send an email to [email protected].