Webinar information

In 2020, the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society has launched their webinar series.

We hope this series will help to foster learning,  ensure collaboration and engage members across the all important glaucoma community. Please find outlined below information about our inaugural webinar and those that will continue the series. 


Upcoming Webinars 

Webinar 3 – Sunday 6 December 2020, 1030 hours GMT+8
Joint APGS - AGS (American Glaucoma Society) Webinar: Hot Topics in Glaucoma

Eastern Standard Time (New York): Saturday, 5 December – 2130 hours
India: Sunday, 6 December – 0800 hours
Thailand: Sunday, 6 December – 0930 hours
Malaysia/Hong Kong/Singapore: Sunday, 6 December – 1030 hours
Australia (AEST): Sunday, 6 December – 1230 hours

This webinar will be moderated by Dr SK Fang and Dr Steven J Gedde.

Presentation title Speaker name 
Myopia and Glaucoma: The Strange Bedfellows Norman M Aquino
Opening the black box of deep learning in glaucoma Ki Ho Park
Imaging in Glaucoma surgery (TBC) Ahmad Aref
How to get the best results with ciliary body micropulse laser Paul TK Chew
Creating the Perfect Bleb: Microshunt or Trabeculectomy? Joseph Panarelli
Tube Shunt Implantation in the New Age of Glaucoma Surgery Ying Han
Live discussion/Q&A All speakers & moderators

Webinar 4 – Saturday 6 February 2021, 1900 hours GMT+8 
Joint APGS - ISGS (International Society of Glaucoma Surgery) Webinar: Current Paradigms in Glaucoma Surgery 

Presentation title Speaker name 
How to deal with Bad Blebs Tarek Shaarawy
Revision Trabeculectomy
Michael Coote
Surgical management of Malignant Glaucoma
Do Tan
Control hypotony for long-term success in filtering surgery
Prin Rojanapongpun
Tubes in tight places
Joseph Anthony Tumbocon
The new GDD – Initial results of PGI
Paul TK Chew
Decision making on which MIGS to choose for which patient Keith Barton


Past Webinars 

Inaugural webinar - 22 September 2020 at 1800 hours GMT+8 
Current concepts in management of primary angle closure disease


This webinar was moderated by Dr SK Fang and Professor Tanuj Dada.

Presentation title Speaker name 
How to diagnose angle closure Clin A/Prof Paul Healey
Laser therapy - for angle closure  Dr Vijaya Lingam 
A logical approach to managing angle closure Professor Clement Tham 
Role of MIGS in PACG  Professor Prin Rojanapongpun 
Panel Q&A Professor Paul Healey, Dr Vijaya Lingam, Professor Clement Tham, Professor Prin Rojanapongpun


Webinar 2 - 11 October 2020 at 1830 hours GMT+8 
Joint APGS EGS (European Glaucoma Society) Webinar: Glaucoma Management in 2020


This webinar was moderated by Dr SK Fang and Fotis Topouzis.

Presentation title Speaker name 
New ways to build guidelines; the added value of evidence-based medicine Carlo Traverso
Glaucoma monitoring: what tools to use and how much is enough?  Ananth Viswanathan 
Medical treatment - integrating novelties into clinical practice  Gauti Johannesson 
Personalised surgery - establishing a rationale for choosing  Ingeborg Stalmans 
Using AI in glaucoma diagnosis  Tin Aung
Meditation - a polypill for glaucoma  Tanuj Dada 
Dr Google will see you now  Ivan Goldberg