APAO Satellite Congress 2019 Mongolia

APAO-APGS Symposium – Hot Topics in Glaucoma 2019
Chairs: Uranchimeg Davaatseren, David Mackey, Clement Tham

Program Rundown
Lecture Title Speaker Country / Region
When diagnosing glaucoma, when would we need VF, or OCT, or both? Jayant V Iyer Singapore
A management approach for Normal Tension Glaucoma (NTG) Mark Donaldson New Zealand
A management approach for Primary Angle Closure Disease (PACD) Clement Tham Hong Kong SAR
Glaucoma lasers: SLT, ECP, Micropulse CPC, Iridoplasties, Iridotomy (or any combination of these) Uranchimeg Davaatseren Mongolia
Update on MIGS in 2019 Manchima Makornwattana Thailand
Importance of family history of glaucoma David Mackey Australia